Your Opinion Matters

This is written as a testament to my business relationship with Rodimiro Gonzalez at A+ Finish Carpentry. I have used the services of Rody on two commercial projects, and have also in my home. The commercial projects consisted of finish carpentry, cabinet and countertop installations for a wellness center, a medical doctor’s office and exam facility, and an art gallery.The project at my home involved the installation of laminate flooring and wood base in the living room and dining room, and vinyl flooring and base in the kitchen.

In my dealings with Rodimiro, I have found him and the members of his crew to be extremely professional in their approach to the work. They demonstrated a passion for delivering a quality project,and exceeded my expectation on each of the above mentioned projects. In addition to delivering a project of high quality, Rody has always been helpful in making suggestions that have aesthetically enhanced the project and contributed to the cost efficiency of the work.

A+ has demonstrated a wide variety of skill in several construction disciplines, and I would highly recommend them for any project involving finish carpentry, cabinet work, or general construction and remodeling. I fully intend to use their services on future projects


Steve Lilly,

Construction Superintendent

Western Construction Services